About QU Forever Forward

Dear Friends,

Quincy University is a truly special place. From the early days of the Franciscan Friars serving St. Francis Solanus College to our growth and connection to our hometown through the formation of Quincy College and now a vibrant Quincy University we continue to forge ahead. Securing our impact on the communities we serve is our highest priority. I am proud to announce the first comprehensive campaign in the history of our University – Forever Forward. Our goal of $25 million will focus on improving and enhancing the learning and living environments for our students. I invite you to read about our projects and contemplate our future. I am confident it is a bright one.

A few leadership commitments have allowed for a jump start and we have a sneak preview of how the campaign is changing our historic campus today. Significant renovations have taken place in the Science Center and QU Stadium. In addition, new spaces have been created including the Connie Niemann Center for Music and the new Student Success Center. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The investments outlined in this campaign will take the momentum QU has built over the last two years and accelerate it. The largest project outlined in this campaign, and one that is of special importance to me, is the Student Union. In today’s highly interactive and engaged society, much of it virtual, we need more personal contact. Our plan will transform the Student Union of the 60’s into a truly vibrant “living room” of campus. This is a space where students, faculty and staff can gather to continue a discussion, share a meal and continue learning outside of the classroom.

The depth and breadth of a liberal arts education expands young adults’ minds and is a critical foundation for their future. We take our role in building that foundation very seriously. I’m sure our alumni would agree that their years at QU allowed them to transform themselves and others through challenging coursework, small community relationships with faculty, and through service. We see the impact of a QU education in the contributions our alumni are making in a broad range of roles and professions, including community leadership.

I hope you’ll join us as we continue moving the university Forever Forward…


Julie Bell,  Vice President for Quincy University Advancement



What is Forever Forward?

Really, it comes down to two things: Tradition and Vision.

Since 1860, the Quincy University tradition has paved the way for student success by allowing students from all backgrounds to learn, serve, and create in hopes of making the world a better place.

“Forever Forward” is your chance to be a part of the next great chapter in Quincy University’s tradition. It’s your opportunity to celebrate the Quincy University legacy and ensure that it lasts generations to come.

The Concept is Threefold


To honor more than 150 years of rich history and development in the spirit of St. Francis as we embark upon the future of Quincy University.


To inspire the leaders of tomorrow by adopting contemporary learning techniques, tools, and environments.


To guide students to seek knowledge that leads to wisdom as they discover their passions and forge their paths to success.

Together, we can transform the university student experience while moving Forever Forward.