Music & Communication

Already home to both an awe-inspiring performance hall and a professional-quality broadcast television studio, the once less-than-stellar B building of North Campus has quickly become one of QU’s most animated facilities. From live musical performances in the Connie Niemann Center for Music to professional television broadcasts in the Oakley Lindsay/ WGEM TV Studio, this is a space where students are given the tools and experiences they need to be successful in their fields.


Equipping students with the equipment to be successful, musicians, journalists, producers, broadcasters and beyond. Interactive media labs, broadcast studios and newsrooms, in addition to modern music and recording equipment, provide QU students a competitive advantage.

Student Experience

There's no supplementing hands-on experience. Whether it's cutting a promo in our broadcast studio, or performing in front of a crowd at the Connie Niemann Center for Music, we want our students' experience to be authentic.

Past, Present and Future

Campus mainstays like The Falcon and recently reinvigorated marching band pay homage to the past while ventures into audio recording, internet broadcasting and QUTV's own campus network remind us that media changes, but we remain Forever Forward.

Learn by DOING

"This project gives music and communication students more opportunities to grow in their fields and gain experience for the future."
-Courtney Gear '16

Project Features


  • Piano Lab
  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Lab
  • Music Theory Classroom
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Soundproof Practice Rooms
  • Faculty Offices


  • Enhanced Television Broadcast Studio
  • Interactive Media Lab
  • Interactive Newsroom
  • Internet Radio Station
  • Production and Recording Theatre

For questions, please call the Office of Advancement at 217.228.5227.